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Training and CPD

All our staff have access to training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). In fact our veterinary surgeons are required to complete at least 5 days CPD each year, nurses 3 days each year.

CPD is essential for ensuring all staff are kept up to date with most up to date diagnostic methods, surgical techniques, medical thinking and treatment planning.

Below we have detailed some of the recent training activities that our staff have attended.

Veterinary Surgeons

Early diagnosis and proper staging for better management of chronic kidney disease 

Feline hypertension

Head trauma


Practical detailed abdominal ultrasound on dogs

Small animals dental radiographs and extraction

Auto immune skin disease in cats and dogs 

Wound bed preparation and lavage

Veterinary Nurses 

Clinical coach training 

Being happier in practice and helping clients / staff

Preventative pitstop behaviour

Rabbits and guinea pigs dermatology 

Fleas and ticks that drive you up the wall but what is the best adulticide of them all?

Anaesthetic monitoring

Practical Physiotherapy


Veterinary receptionist course 

First Aid at work