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Pet Health Plan

Pet Health Plan is good for your pets - here's why:

At Adams Vets we place a high value on preventative health care for pets. With this in mind we provide Pet Health Plan to ensure that our patients, your pets, receive a full health check with a vet every 6 months. By detecting changes early we can really make a difference to pets health and comfort, plus we can give you piece of mind that pets are fit and well. Pet Health Plan spreads the cost of providing your pets preventative healthcare needs and provides some great savings along the way.  

To make sure your pet is protected from all the regular, common, diseases, we recommend utilising Pet Health Plan for your pets. 

Our systems at Adams Vets are designed to keep you informed, as much as we can, when and what to do. With Pet Health Plan you can be confident that all your regular "well pet" needs are catered for in a single monthly payment collected by pain free direct debit. 

And Pet Health Plan is good for your wallet too - here's why:

Download a PDF brochure:

Informative image: Adams Vets Pet Health Plans brochure

Monthly Payments


from £7.99


from £7.99


from £5.50

How to Join

Call in to complete a simple application form. You will need to bring your bank details.

Alternatively, please call the Pet Health Plans team on 0800 169 9958