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Having a microchip implanted is quick, simple and very cost effective. It will give you the peace of mind that, if your pet does become lost, you will have more chance of being reunited faster. You may also avoid the possibility of your pet being rehomed or kept in a shelter.

900 pets go missing every day in the UK. Don’t let your pet be one of them. The Tracer Advance microchip and database package that we use at Adams Vets ensures that if your pet does go walk about, you’ll have the best possible chance of being reunited. Its not just a microchip – Tracer is a comprehensive service dedicated to keeping you and your pet together.


Not all microchips are the same!

Tracer is the only non-glass microchip in the UK - it is shatterproof and 10 times stronger than glass.

Choosing Tracer Advance microchips provides a host of unique benefits:

  • Lifetime registration with the Petlog database, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • A high quality microchip from the UK's No. 1 choice for microchipping.
  • High-quality wallet to store registration paperwork and an information card with all relevant contact details (Petlog etc.)
  • Option to upgrade to Petlog Premium for just £10, with a host of additional benefits.
  • Free quarterly e-magazine, PEt Life, which offers advice on caring for animals, competitions and giveaways.
  • Total peace of mind that your pet has the best possible chance of being returned to you if they go missing.
  • Free reminder service to keep your details up to date.
  • With Tracer you also receive 4 weeks free pet insurance from Petplan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it implanted?

Implanting a Tracer microchip is a straightforward procedure, just like an injection. Your vet will locate the implant in a standard position on your pet using a preloaded sterile implanter. For dogs and cats, this will be under the loose skin of the neck. Comparably the needle is fairly large but the microchip is still only slightly larger than a grain of rice.


How does it work?

Each Tracer microchip has a unique code which is linked to the national 24-hour Petlog database. Your veterinary practice will log all of your details with Petlog via a paper registration form or online. The database contains all of your details such as your name, address and phone number. If your pet is found away from home, most vets, animal charities and local authorities will have a scanner to read the Tracer microchip and retrieve your pet’s details. Your pet can then be returned to you safe and sound.

Can any animal be microchipped?

Dogs, cats and rabbits are the most commonly microchipped animals, but many others can also benefit from microchipping.

How long does the microchip last?

Once your pet has been microchipped with Tracer Advance, it lasts for life! The microchip itself cannot be tampered with once it is implanted and the registration with Petlog has no expiry date*.

* Changes to your details will be charged for unless you have opted to become a Petlog Premium customer.