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We at Adams Vets feel that prevention is better than cure and vaccinating your pet is one of the most important yet easiest ways of caring for your pet's health.

Many illnesses pets suffer with are preventable - for example those that can be vaccinated against. A simple vaccination course and booster vaccination given each year can help protect your pet against many (often fatal) diseases. It is the easiest and yet the most effective way of protecting your pet.

Vaccinations are available for dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. Usually your pet will require an initial vaccination course and then an annual booster every year. Vaccinating your pet is important - many diseases that are preventable by vaccination can kill your pet or run up very expensive vet bills due to hospital isolation costs.

Vaccines are available from 6 weeks in dogs, 9 weeks in cats and 12 weeks in rabbits.

All puppies and kittens starting a vaccine course will receive a free flea treatment and wormer plus a goodie bag.