Vaccination Amnesty

At the beginning of their lives, puppies and kittens need vaccinations to help protect them against some of the common life-threatening diseases they may come into contact with. An initial vaccination course consists of two sets of injections given a few weeks apart. After this initial vaccination course, they need to have a booster each year to maintain this protection.

Oops! I missed a Booster

We understand that sometimes life can be hectic and forgetting your pet’s annual booster happens. Unfortunately, if your pet does miss a booster, they will need to start the full vaccination course again.

Don’t worry – we have got it covered and offer a vaccination Amnesty. We feel that this issue is so important that you can re-start your pets’ vaccinations at any time between June and mid-July, for the price of a booster. They need a restart course of two injections – you pay for the first part (which is the same price as a booster) and the second injection is FREE.

If you have deliberately not vaccinated your animal for ideological reasons, or because you have been influenced by some of the disinformation that circulates around the internet and other media from time to time, then we are offering a HALF PRICE consultation with a vet. We will give your pet the full clinical examination that we would normally do at the time of a booster vaccination and we can discuss your reservations or concerns about vaccination if you wish. If we convince you that vaccination is in your pets’ best interest then we will charge the booster fee and refund the half price consultation fee.

Why are we doing this vaccination amnesty?

We know from our clinical records that many of our dog and cat patients are no longer fully protected against the diseases that we routinely vaccinate them against. Some of them have missed an annual booster (some of them haven’t had a booster for several years, in fact!) and others never even came back for the second part of their puppy or kitten course and these youngsters are particularly vulnerable. We have good reason to be worried about this state of affairs. Contrary to popular myth these diseases have NOT gone away and the vaccination immunity for most diseases and in most individuals does NOT last a lifetime. In cats we see cases of both types of Cat Flu every week and we diagnose a case of Feline Leukaemia Virus every couple of months. In dogs we are particularly concerned about Leptospirosis because the infection is water-borne and is transmitted by rats urinating into rivers and puddles. In addition, we are dealing with an increasing number of cases of Parvovirus, and that is very distressing when it is so easy to prevent.

Vaccinating Your Dog

Puppies get initial protection from their mother’s milk, but this protection wanes as they are weaned, which is why vaccinations are required.

The main canine vaccinations prevent:

  • Parvo virus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Distemper
  • Infectious Canine Hepatitis
  • Parainfluenza


Vaccinating Your Cat

The greater the population of cats that is vaccinated the lower the risk for your cat, even when they are vaccinated themselves. We recommend vaccinating your cat throughout its life.

The most common diseases that cats are vaccinated against are:

  • Cat flu
  • Feline Infectious Enteritis
  • Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV)
  • Chlamydia
  • Bordetella


How does vaccination work?

Call Today on 0151 733 5755 (Wavertree) or 0151 525 0847 (Fazakerley) to get your pet back on track.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Offer is for a re-start for the price of a booster.

  2. Routine vaccinations only. Kennel Cough vaccination must be purchased at an additional charge.

  3. Offer only available for cats and dogs over 12 months of age.

  4. Any additional consultations will be charged at our usual rate.

  5. Offer is valid from 1st June until 13th July 2018.

  6. Offer does not include any additional routine preventative pet care.

  7. No further discounts or offers may be used with the Vaccine Amnesty.

  8. For non-Scarsdale clients, in order to receive the offer, you must register your pet with us and agree to our standard business terms and conditions.

  9. If you have an outstanding balance owing to Adams Vets, you will be asked at the time to settle this prior to your pet’s vaccination.

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